Bird Control Services

One of the most exciting and time/energy consuming job in pest control is bird management. Proofing a building against feral pigeons, seagulls, starlings, house sparrows any other birds cause nuissance or damage in the property by nesting, roosting overnight, roosting daytime and fouling is one of the most important part of an experienced pest controller. The mess those birds leave behind (guano, nest remains, feathers) not only disguist the public and residents but carry potentially dangerous diseases if you get contact with them. There are several methods of proofing and any project needs to be assessed and tailored according to the building specification, the bird you proof against and most importantly the size of bird pressure.
This blog is about our latest feral pigeon proofing in a large block of flats in Hendon. The back area of the building includes four balconies and a large set of fire escape staircase and terrace. When we visited the building it was in a very sad condition. A large flock of feral pigeon with about in excess of 50 individual invaded the balconies creating nests, finding ideal shelter under the beams for night roost. Daytime all of the available external pipework, the staircase and the terrace was highly invaded by the pigeons. The guano covered the floor of the balconies, all the pipes and literally everything.

Meshing up the balconies was obvious choice of method as the cheapest and most effective. All the window ledges had been proofed by a special deterrent called ‘bird free’ which the bird senses as the building is on fire and they just cannot land. The pipework and all hiding places had been proofed with spikes, made them unable to stay for long period. Obviously our service includes guano clearance. The whole project took us 3 days and considering that the daylight in winter is limited I think it is an amazingly short time. The effect was spectacular: as soon as the mesh, the ‘bird free’ and the spikes were up the flock disappeared, only a few bird remained in the flat roof of the Job Centre next to our building.


We Provide the following pest control services:
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– Bird Control
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