Wasp Nests Eradication Services

What are they?

Wasps (Vespula vulgaris) like bees are commonly considered as beneficial insects as workers collect other insects larvae during the spring and early summer. However their sting is very painful and can cause serious allergic reactions (anaphylactic shocks) and as they regularly visit dustbins and the bodies of dead animals which can cause disease by spreading. If you think you have a wasp-nest in your property please do not hesitate to seek help as soon as found out. Of course Pest Assassin has the best equipment’s and experience of releasing you from the possible dangers of the mentioned insect.
In the meanwhile we advise you not to undertake action for the purpose of removing the nest manually.

Signs of infestation:

– Nest usually can be found around air-ventilators, in lofts, on the roofs, under uttering in the eaves and under flat roofs.
– Wasps are going in and coming out of a hole in a certain particular bases.

Preparation and treatment:

By applying insecticidal dust into the entrance at a high pressure killing the queen and workers.
In case we find it necessary we can offer the service for removal of the nest.

When you are dealing with wasps, wearing full and approved coverall is essential.

In many of the cases the access to the nest is very difficult due to the narrow spaces.

Application of the insecticide powder as close to the entrance of the nest as possible is the key of fast and complete eradication.

For a complete eradication we apply a dillution of insecticide liquid and water spayed in high pressure sprayer also. No wasp can escape!