Moth Control Services

What are they?

There are  two main type of moth which cause damage in your property:

  • Common Cloth/Carpet Moth (Tineola Bisselliella): 5-7 mm brown-yellowish flying insect
  • Food Moth: 10 mm darker colour flying insect

Moth is a significant insect, the larvae feeding on a wide variety of animal originated material like woolens, cashmere, fur etc. Damage from larvae feeding can be severe as they destroy valuable materials or contaminate your foodstuff. Adult female lays 50-100 eggs on the surface of the material the larvae will feed. The adult emerges from pupal case, and lives around 2-3 weeks. Total life circle depends on temperature, humidity and the quality of the foodsource it takes around 63 days.


Signs of infestation:

  • The first sign is adults flying around attracted by light
  • Noticeable holes in natural fabric
  • Larvae are often difficult to detect as they prefer dark, not often used areas


Preparation and treatment:

  1. First is to detect the source of infestation. Food moth are often found in kitchen area, inside cabinet and extractor fan contaminating the valuable foodstuff. Carpet moth larvae prefers dark, not often used areas with lot of quality material they can feed on. In some cases both moth type can be found associated with birds’, mammals’, or deserted wasps’ nest around the house.
  2. Then removing all damaged foodstuff.
  3. That followed by the application of long lasting residual insecticide in spray or space fogging form thorough the infested area includes wardrobe, carpet etc.
  4. Unfortunately  cloth or fabric worn cannot be treated they need to be hot washed or dry cleaned.