Ant Control Services

There are two main types of ants you usually find in urban environment. The most common are called Garden Ant or Common Black Ant (Lasius niger) living around buildings or the garden and occasionally find the way into the homes looking for food, mainly sweet substances. Garden Ants live in strict social structure: on the top of the hierarchy is the queen and all the rest are workers who forage around the nest collecting food or tend the queen and the larvae laid by the queen only. They are not health risk only nuisance but if they invade your property the problem obviously needs to be dealt with.

The other main types of ants the Pharaoh’s Ant is found in association with hospitals, prisons or other institutions like large housing blocks. This is a tropical species, small, mobile and active at all times of the day. Their lifestyle differs from the Garden Ants as they are living in large, unstructured nests in heated areas in the building and there are more than one queen per nest. This species can carry disease organisms and contaminate sterile material and the infestation can become widespread in a short period. Fight against Pharaoh’s Ant is difficult and the whole building needs to be treated for a long period of time.


Signs of Infestation:

  • Loose soil between pavings or alongside the building with small openings in it.
  • From small to huge numbers of workers often in trails. They can be winged or wingless.
  • Inside the property where food is stored, especially sweet substance they can be found in large number.



Successful eradication of Garden Ants is relatively quick and not too difficult. The method of treatment depends on the area. Outside the property the most successful way of treatment is the application of professional insecticide powder or spray into the openings of the nest. Inside the building the most effective method is to apply professional insecticide gel or liquid into areas not likely to be cleaned. It works in a way that it attracts ants who carry the substance into the nest and feed the larvae with it and therefore it eradicates from the source.

Please click here if you would like to see Pest Assassin in action against Garden Ant colony.