Mouse Control Services

What are they?

The most common type of mouse living with human is House Mouse (Mus Domesticus). Despite their cute image these rodents are able to cause serious damage in your furniture, pipework and electrical cables with their constant gnawing not even mention the diseases they may carry like tuberculosis, Salmonella, gastroenteritis and other types that can cause death.


Damage in pipe caused by mouse infestation. It could be your water pipe…


Signs of infestation:

– Scratching noise in walls and ceilings
– Damage in furniture or food
– Droppings
– Particular smell of ammoniac

Preparation and treatment:

After full-site survey  we provide individual specific treatment which includes traps, baits, glue boards in the most secure way possible for you, your family and pets.

Second visit after 14 days where full internal/external proofing can be implemented. This service that includes searching for and sealing all holes bigger than 3 mm using corrugated, welded mesh and mastecrete  provide 100% guarantee against re-infestation.


Mouse droppings in this large number shows heavy infestation.

Advanced combination of rodenticide only available to qualified pest controller.

Cardboard boxes can be placed to hardly accessible areas such as behind appliances or spaces between or under units.These are ideal for mice to look for food source and most likely create harbourage.


Our technician found a carcass under the bathtub, it is very important to inspect all inaccessible areas to prevent airborne diseases carried by rodents.

Full external and internal rodent proofing is vital part of Pest Assassin’s service.