1. Are you able to help me even if I do not know what kind of creature is in my home/business?


Yes we definitely are. When you call us to book a survey we ask you a few simple questions which helps us to  identify the likely species of pest you encountered.  We can ask where you see them, when you see them, if you cannot see them then what kind of signs makes you think something uninvited got into your home. We are always eager to hear whatever you think is important as it helps us to identify the pest and come up with the best treatment plan.


  1. What kind of pests you treat?


We treat all kind of insects, rodents or mammals considered as pests and can invade your home or business. With years of experience, technical and scientific innovation backups and extensive training we are able to identify the pest species, investigate how they got into your premises and provide a treatment plan which eradicates the problem for long term.


  1. How quickly can you come for a survey once I discover a pest in my home?


Normally we are able to provide a survey within 48 hours but we adjust to your schedule if you wish to book to a specific day or time. We are also able to provide emergency callouts to domestic or business premises. Our aim is to put your mind at ease and eliminate the immediate risk of pest presence as soon as possible.


  1. What do you do after I book a survey?


Our trained and experienced technician will visit your premises at the scheduled day and time, listen to your experiences with attention, investigate inside and outside of your premises to find the pest or signs of the pest presence, and once he gathered all the information he needs to solve your problem for long term he will explains all his findings in a simple and clear way and offers a treatment plan with quotation. If you are happy with the plan and the price we can start the treatment straight away or schedule it for a date suits you. All follow up visits are scheduled in co-operation with you and all development of the visits will be explained to you and also you get a written report of each visit. In any stage all your questions and concerns are answered promptly and professionally by the technician or by me as a fist line of contact.


  1. Is the survey free? Do you charge for callout?


As we are a family business and our aim is to provide professional yet personal service we serve only North West London and closely surrounding areas. Within this coverage area we are NOT charge you for callout or survey. If you wish us to commence a survey outside of this coverage area we may charge you a small fee of callout charge to cover the cost and time spent with travelling long distance.






  1. If I need insect treatment do I need to leave the house?


Some types of insect such as carpet moth or bedbug infestation requires spray treatment to eliminate the insects 100% within 1-3 visits. As the chemical used is completely safe once it dries it cause breathing difficulties when it is still wet.  To be safe we ask you to vacant the treated areas for 4-5 hours and then ventilate thoroughly to eliminate all risks. If pets are in the premises they also need to be placed in a safe place away from the treated areas.

Other insects like cockroach or ant we use other solutions that absolutely safe from the second of application so you do not have to leave the house.


  1. What I have to do before bedbug treatment?


Before the spray treatment we ask you to place your bedding, the content of your wardrobe or chest-of-drawers and all personal item displayed in the room we intend to treat into sealable bags or rubbish bags. It is necessary to eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction caused by the chemical might accidentally gets onto these items. After treatment once the solution dries you can place all items back to its place as the residue of the spray will protect the area even if bedbug is present in the items you placed into the bags. We advice you to wash your bedding and your clothes over 60 degree or put into the tumble dryer if you have one. If you follow our advice and do these preparations well the chance of success within one visit increases significantly as we can treat all areas thoroughly.


  1. I can hear noise in my wall/ceiling/under floor. What it can be?


If you hear noise like rumbling/scratching/squeaking noise the best thing to do is to call Pest Assassin. In most cases one of the 3 species can cause these noises: mouse, rat or squirrel. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to  find out the species causing the noise and determine how it got into the area. Squirrels or rats have powerful incisors and can cause serious damage in the building, even they can cause flood or fire by gnawing pipes and electrical cables. Mice and rats by finding the way into internal areas through gaps and service areas can destroy or contaminate your food, potentially carry diseases and cause in most cases incredible stress to residents. The sooner we act the better the chance that by proofing the entry points and deal with those might stuck behind quickly and efficiently the problem is solved and you can be safe again.


  1. Are pest treatments safe?


Safety of all of your family members including all of your pets is the most important element of all decision made by us relating to any kind of pest problem. The industry is strictly regulated to make sure all substance used are safe and gives us clear instructions how to use them. Wherever possible we use rodenticide in areas inaccessible to children, pets even to you. If that is not possible we use tamperproof boxes and secured rodenticide in it so there is not possible to get contact with it without the special key. It is also very important that we protect the environment and wildlife and follow all legislation and guidelines given by the relevant authorities.




  1. How I can prevent pests entering into my home/business?


We are more than happy to advice you how to be conscious about the ways pests can get into your home and how to make your home less likely to be attractive for them.  Most of the time it is about little changes like keep your groceries in sealed container, check the expiry date, make sure your delivery does not contain unwanted additions in a shape of moth/cockroach, how to keep your clothes  protected from moths or how to make your home as rodent proof as possible. But please do not forget, even if you have encountered a pest in your home or business it does not mean you are not the most up to date with cleaning or hygiene so nothing to be shamed about. Pests are here thousand of years before humans and developed such advanced senses helps them to find a perfect habitat for them and unfortunately your home as comfortable to them than to you. The most important that a professional pest controller like Pest Assassin’s is able to deal with the situation quickly and efficiently so your home or business safe and pest free again.


  1. How do you make sure pests do not come back after treatment?


Rodents like mice and rats gain access into homes through defect in drain system, any hole or gap in the exterior of the building including inadequate air ventilation plates or if you live in attached building through unsealed pipe works or services, or simply unfinished building works wherever is hidden such as under kitchen units or in boiler rooms. To make sure the treatment is successful in long term Pest Assassin developed the combined solution combining poisoning with repairing all gaps and holes in external wall and internal areas using rodent proof materials. This way we can provide a long term solution to rodent infestation.