Commercial Pest Services

Commercial pest control

Your business is as important for us as for you. We want to make sure you have the safety net that allows you to run you everyday business without the fear of putting your customers or you staff at risk of a pest infestation. That is only the base that every business have to have evidence of a regular monitoring pest control visit by law but it also the safety net of protecting you from damage of your stock or contamination of your foodstuff not even mentioning the damage of reputation if upon HSE/EHO inspection your business may be temporarily closed or the loss of a heavy fine on business run.

Our  Commercial Pest Control service includes:

  1. Initial Survey upon which our technician will inspect the business premises throughout for signs of any type of pest presence, overall level of hygiene and all the potential risk factors of a future infestation.
  2. According to the outcome of the survey if Pest Assassin finds evidence of an existing infestation we can offer a time period of riddance when we use all of our experience, knowledge, skills and equipment we have to tackle the problem as soon as possible and eliminate all the risk that an insect or rodent infestation can bring.
  3. After riddance period when our technician with the support of the management and staff successfully managed to bring the infestation to the lowest level the next step is to keep the achievement by the help of a regular monitoring pest control visit when our technician thoroughly checks all monitoring devices have been deployed in the premises and search for any changes that can be an early sign of a re-infestation. This way your business has a continuous protection against physical, financial or reputation loss or even closure of business.